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Jaimee & Pete

We stood in the kitchen, shifting our gaze into the others eyes, with concern for a woman and her baby who we all love.

"This really sucks."

"I hate this."

"Fuck man."

This is the story of Jaimee & Pete. It is the quickest turn around on a birth story that I have ever written, but she is my dear friend, and I didn't want to forget any parts of last night or the emotion that went with them.

I received a message from Jaimee that her water had broken and I raced out of the house. Jaimee lives about a hour from me, and the home birth midwives she had chosen, were even farther away from her than that. Jaimee is also a birth worker and made her choices wisely.

For any of my previous clients reading this, who have had your placenta encapsulated, the name looks familiar, because it is. Jaimee is the only person that I recommend to do that, and it's because I trust her implicitly. I was honored that this time around the trust would come from her side. I was overjoyed when she asked me to be her doula.

On my way to Jaimee's house, Sera of Primal Roots Midwifery, texted me.

We had all made jokes about the only bad time for Jaimee to have a baby would be on a Friday afternoon and what were the odds of that? Of course, that's exactly what was happening.

We all also believed, that baby would come quickly. This was Jaimee's 5th baby. Jaimee usually has babies in a few hours with her water breaking being the middle point.

Every birth is humbling. Every time I think I know what will happen, birth laughs in my face and shows me who's boss. No two births are ever the same, even for the same person. This birth, would be nothing like any of us had imagined.

I was the first of the birth crew to arrive at Jaimee's house at 3:10pm on August 3rd. It was a hour and 10 minutes after her water had broken and I felt relieved when I arrived. Jaimee was having contractions, but was still really comfortable and chatty. The children were running in and out as Jaimee breathed through contractions, altering positions, for comfort.

At 4:20pm was the first time I heard Jaimee become audible while coping with her surges. It was shortly after this that the midwives, Sera and Sarah, both arrived. They listened to the baby and everyone settled in.

Jaimee's children were all at her home, kissing and loving on their mama, playing in the birth tub, and giggling at the excitement of another babies arrival into their sweet and loving home.

We were then joined by the amazingly talented birth photographer, and friend, Vivien Stembridge of Vivien Stembridge Photographer

Going forward in the story, all of the pictures featured in this blog post were graciously shared with me by her.

Jaimee's only daughter, had been quite insistent that this baby would be a girl. However, in the photo above she was saying, "This baby is going to come out of mama's penis." So all bets were off!

Pete and I took turns physically supporting Jaimee as the midwives, prepped the space for birth. It became apparent that this birth, might be a little bit longer than her previous births though to all of us.

Jaimee was having some lower back pain during contractions and found relief from counter pressure.

Eventually as we continued into the evening, Jaimee entered the birth pool and found much relief. She was able to relax and rest in between contractions.

Right around 11pm, Sarah leaned in to check baby's heart rate. I heard a dip that I hadn't heard before from this baby. Sarah kept the doppler on a little bit longer and I heard the dip again. I, for the first time, had an uneasy feeling for my friend.