Registry Services

For many years I have heard, "You should be able to register for doula services!" I have now made registering for doula services a possibility. I will create you a personal link that will allow for your family and friends to help contribute to doula services as well as childbirth education classes.


Besides being able to have direct access on the website, your personalized registry link can be added to one of our favorite registry sites "Baby List" and we can show you how to add it to an Amazon Registry as well.  We will ask for a personal photo of you to include on your registry page. Your registry page will not be viewable to the public unless they have the link.


Payment Plans

Payment plans will work similarly to registry services. A $200 deposit will be required at the start of the contract. The balance due after that will be divided equally by the number of months left in the pregnancy with the full balance due by 36 weeks.  This is an available option when checking out. 

If friends and family are helping to make payments those payments will be spread evenly across the monthly payment schedule, reducing the amount due. Once the full balance has been met, the contract will be considered paid in full.