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Nyicanta & Kerron

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Registry for birth doula services 

Nyicanta and Kerrron  are expecting to bring a new life into this world at the beginning of the new year. As they explored options for this experience, they knew that they would like the presence of a doula.


Birth doulas support the entire family during pregnancy, labor, birth and early postpartum with evidence based information to help families make the right choices for them.


The presence of a doula reduces cesarean rates by half, reduces the use of pain medications, decreases labor time, increases satisfaction with the birth experience by over 70%, reduces the risk of postpartum depression, increases breastfeeding rates, as well as positively impacting many other outcomes.


Contribute to Nyicanta and Kerron's doula fund here: They appreciate this gift, more than you know. Gift Certificates can be purchased in $25 increments and will be sent to your home prior to the shower date, or to the pregnant couple if you choose to do so. Please note selected option in the additional text field.

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