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Cody was having her 4th baby. Her previous experiences were a hospital birth, the Danbury birth center, and a home birth. This time she had planned another home birth as well. At 41 weeks, her midwives sent her for an ultrasound to check on baby. We weren't worried as Cody has always gone late with her pregnancies.

We found out that the amniotic fluid was a bit low and that she would need to hydrate as much as possible and have another ultrasound the next day. It was at that ultrasound that it was determined there was no fluid in the sac. (In all my births I had never heard of NO fluid!) While her baby was still doing well, an induction would need to be started, which made her "risk out" of a home birth.

I met Cody at a hospital in which she had never been to later that day. The midwives were wonderful there and respected her choices. While they needed to preform procedures to get her labor started, they were hands off. I stayed with Cody overnight and we shared stories with each other about our families, our childhoods, and of course birth. In the morning her husband was able to join us, and that's when her active labor began.

This woman triumphed through "pitocin contractions", was polite and made jokes, she checked on her family at home and made sure I stayed hydrated 😉.

When she said it was time to push, the midwives at the Vidone Birth Center, didn't check to make sure, didn't grant her permission, but followed her lead through this journey.

She needed a little verbal reassurance, but beyond that she trusted her body. Baby Ezra was born en caul, and as healthy as can be.

While I love every birth that I attend, this one holds a special place for me. Cody and I crossed paths through a random connection and I was hired as a "just in case", if there was a need for an emergency transfer, as her husband would have to stay with their kids.

It reminded me once again, that everyone needs a doula. That having someone help you navigate birth is necessary, because even the most experienced and confident moms, may be thrown for a loop, and just need a little encouragement to still get a "perfect birth".

It was such an honor to support this woman and watch her family grow

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