"Don't stay with the provider you've seen for pap smears for the last 10 years, just because they're the provider you've seen for pap smears for the last 10 years." - Melissa Duenas


One of the most common reasons second time birthing people seek doula care, is because of a bad first experience. Many times, that's because their visions for their birth, didn't align with the obgyn or midwives they used most common practices and stats. 


Don't make that mistake! Making a switch to a new practice is relatively simple and can be done at anytime during pregnancy. Over the last 7 years I have attended births at almost every birthing location in Connecticut and Southern Mass and with all of the homebirth midwifery practices that are local as well.  I have gathered their stats, their knowledge, and have tracked all of my own experiences when working with their practices. Let me help you find your best fit.


This consult is one hour and can be done in office or via web chat.  I am available during the week day or evenings and on select Saturdays.

Provider Choice Consult