We arrived to the hospital at 6pm. The nurses and midwives watched Rosie labor. One of the nurses, Katherine, engaged Rosie and the first thing she said was, "I want the epidural!" Katherine suggested trying the nitrous first and I heard one of the midwives s...

The doctor standing next to me motioned with his hand that he wanted Michaela to flip over and Jen, very politely said, "She's doing well here."  I did not move.  While birthing on hands and knees is really common, it wasn't for this Ob or for this h...

Quinn and Theresa, Diane's mother, were present and their anxious energy was palpable. Every time Diane would moan they would go by her side and look at me and Liza for reassurance that she was ok.  Quinn was finding busy work and Theresa kept offering snacks and d...

Stephanie sent me some messages and pictures of her skin and was diagnosed with something worse, shingles at 38 weeks pregnant. She was miserable and who could blame her. If that wasn't enough, we would then have an ice storm in our area which would knock out the...

I remember meeting Felicia for the first time like it was yesterday. My schedule was full for the month she was due, but she said a facebook group told her that I was what she needed, and she was hoping I would reconsider. 

Felicia and her husband Tom each came into the...

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