She was handling her surges very well from the outside. I was surprised at 4:15am when she said, "talk to me about the pros and cons of an epidural".  I went through the both sides and she replied, "I'm not ready for that yet."  I told her that...

At 8:09am, on the day his mama knew he would come,  she brought Westley earth side. He was a bit stunned from the speed of his exit, which is very normal, and took a bit of time to cry.  Here's something that is unique about Manchester hospital, as far as hospitals...

A few months back I answered my phone and on the other end was a bubbly voice telling me about how more and more research has led her to wanting to search for a doula. She told me about how my business name, Mama Warrior Doula, had spoken to her. How the strength in th...

At 6:48am I received a text from Clinesha that something had changed overnight. She was 4 days past her due date, and wondering if she should head into work, as she was experiencing some mild cramping. 

Clinesha called me at 7:23am saying that she was now having contrac...

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