I'll never forget the first time I talked to Hannah on the phone in May of 2020. She was funny with a southern accent and said, "I've heard you're probably full, but you're what I want, so I figured it was worth a shot." and then she laughed.  She was the matriarch of...

September 1, 2020

On March 18th Heather sent me an update text about her midwifery appointment:

“I just left my appointment. Sherri checked me and said I’m only 1cm and not ripe at all. She also questioned if I would interested in a membrane sweep. I told her since I wasn’t 40 weeks, I w...

I met Alexa when she was newly pregnant as part of a Birth Tribe consult. As we sat in that first interview she told me a traumatic story about her first sons birth. It was filled with provider bullying, lack of consent, disrespect, and the worst part was so many unans...

Quinn and Theresa, Diane's mother, were present and their anxious energy was palpable. Every time Diane would moan they would go by her side and look at me and Liza for reassurance that she was ok.  Quinn was finding busy work and Theresa kept offering snacks and d...

She was handling her surges very well from the outside. I was surprised at 4:15am when she said, "talk to me about the pros and cons of an epidural".  I went through the both sides and she replied, "I'm not ready for that yet."  I told her that...

Jennifer had called me a few months back and wasn't sure if she wanted to try to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or plan for a repeat cesarean section.  We agreed to meet and discuss her options. 

I presented her with statistics, explained...

At 6:48am I received a text from Clinesha that something had changed overnight. She was 4 days past her due date, and wondering if she should head into work, as she was experiencing some mild cramping. 

Clinesha called me at 7:23am saying that she was now having contrac...

The phrase, "I don't really like babies" often slips out of my mouth during consults. As soon as I say it, I always feel a sense of regret, because then I have to explain exactly what I mean, while sitting across from shocked and questioning faces. 

During a person's en...

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